My fees are based on services performed.

I charge only for the actual time and service of my work for you, unlike other tax services that charge for each form. I believe strongly in the doctrine of fairness. Clients gain year-round access for any questions or concerns arising from a change in their financial picture.

My tax preparation fees are average for the Fox Valley. My charges range from approximately $195 to $340 for individual (non-business) returns and includes the preparation of both the federal and state tax returns, the electronic filing, the follow-up on both returns to make sure they are accepted, and the necessary client administration and meeting time.

For an individual with a small business, such as a sole proprietorship or singe-member LLC, there will be anywhere from $100 to $300. Additional charges, depending upon the amount of time necessary to organize the client’s records. Please call me to discuss the fee for preparing corporate, partnership and trust returns.

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